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Destinycalls.net is a fansite dedicated to all the works created by Japanese manga artist Yuu Watase. On
this site you can view the vast information, past, present, and future, on the various series Watase has
created during her career. To get started, navigation is located at the top of the page, to which you can find
information regarding series, one shots, merchandise, various media adventures, the gallery and more.
Enjoy your stay!
Added a few new images over in the Gallery section for Arata Kangatari. I also updated the Arata
Media section and added the DVD page, with information for the first disc release! :)
Gallery Update!
I updated the Gallery with 10 new images! Nine of them you can find in the Arata Kangatari section,
and then one new one in the one shot section (which is of Watase's latest one shot story Honma
Kaiden!!). Be sure to check them out! :D
Here's the first update of the year! (and long over due). I've added a bunch of images over in the
Stuff section. From posters, calendars, stationary, stickers (a new page!!), and miscellaneous
items, there are tons of new things to check out. Don't forget to check out our
Tumblr page, for more
frequent updates!! :D